FSc 1st Year Result 2018

FSc result is anxious for intermediate students. The result day is full of curiosity and anxiety. Students of 1st Year are considered as the foundation of Pakistan. Their FSc result decides their fate and fortune. Students get the fruit for which they work hard all the year.

Result of any class is or exam is the goal of students. Pre-Medical students wait very long to get admission in medical college of their own choice.


There are thirty seven districts in Punjab and all these districts are classified into 9 various educational boards. These educational boards are responsible for helding exams and announcing the results. FSc 1st year result is also held by him.

These educational boards are:

  1. BISE DG Khan Board
  2. BISE Faisalabad Board
  3. BISE Multan Board
  4. BISE Sargodha Board
  5. BISE Gujranwala Board
  6. BISE Sahiwal Board
  7. BISE Bahawalpur Board
  8. BISE Lahore Board
  9. BISE Rawalpindi Board

They are all responsible for helding the exams in crystal-clear and fair environment. They are responsible to announce the result, to appear the candidate in the exam, issuing the roll number slips to both regular and private students.

Every year, a large number of students are registered by these boards and appear in the FSc exams. They held F.Sc (Intermediate), Matriculation annual exams. They issue a degree to them which can make or break their dreams, for which they work hard throughout the year.

FSc 1st year result is announced in September of every year. These exams held usually in the month of May of each year. This time period can be different for various educational boards.

Similarly, Students of Pre-Engineering also wait to get admission in engineering college.

FSc result decides their fate whether they can get admission in medical college or engineering university or not.

FSc 1st Year Result 2018

Last year all the educational boards announced FSc 1st year result in the month of September. It is expected that FSc 12th class result is also going to be announced in the September.

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FSc Result 2018

So far the board officials has not confirmed the result date, but it is heard that result is going to be announced on 112-Sep-2018.

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Career Advice

Some students really think out of the box, apart from being doctor or engineer, they chose to be an educator, honest police officer and army officer and so on.

They are the real men/women, because they don’t choose the profession for getting money but to bring some change. They have some great vision that GOD has gifted them.

They don’t only use their intelligence in profession but they teach other, they protect cities, they protect borders.

Being doctor or engineer has become trend in Pakistan. Students don’t listen to their heart, they follow the trend. Even if student is not interested in being doctor or engineer, he/she is forced to become. He/she is taught is that nobody will marry her, nobody will care about her, nobody will respect her etc.

And same goes for the guys, they are taught and nobody gonna marry until you get the job.

Doctors and engineers are only limited to their clinics and offices. They have no time for their wives and children. All the doctors and engineers are looked busy day and night earning some money. They don’t socialize and have no time to talk with their loved ones.

I advice all the FSc students that if they get low marks, don’t be afraid. Getting low marks is not a sin. You are not limited to only your office, but you will have more time to learn some more skills and perform better.